Why Disney Will Open Stores Inside Target

Disney and Target are joining forces to open dozens of entertainment company stores within the traditional department store.

The collaboration begins on October 4, when 25 Target stores will dawn with Disney's spaces. By October next year, the plan is to open another 40 stores in this model.

The partnership will increase the portfolio of 300 Disney stores around the world by 22%, today mostly within malls.

So-called store-in-store will be 70 square meters and will be operated by Target employees - who will receive special training prior to debut.

Stores will offer more than 450 products, including toys, games and character clothing from Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars, including products that were previously sold only at Disney's own stores.

As part of the deal, Target will open a small store at the entrance to Walt Disney Resort in Orlando in 2021.

The timing of openings is strategic.

On the same day Disney stores will open inside Target, products and toys from the “Frozen 2” and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker 'movies - two of the year's most watery productions - will be released to the public, the which should give a boost to sales already at the start.

Bob Chapek, chairman of Disney's parks, experiences and products division, said there is a 90% overlap between Disney and Target consumers.

“This gives us the opportunity to expand our presence far beyond [malls],” Chapek said in a call with reporters earlier today. ‘’ The experience retail we're going to bring to Target is exactly what today's consumer is looking for. ’’

For Target, the announcement comes at a time when several US retailers are vying for the market share left by Toys R Us in the toy segment after the toy giant was liquidated last year.


Source: Brazil Journal - Pedro Arbex published on August 26, 2019